Welcome to Soft Sleeper
Saturday, 12 June 2004

Soft Sleeper Manufacturing Processes utilize the latest scientifically developed zonal pressure mapping technology, this is how we make sure you do not lay awake at night tossing and turning like you would on your old mattress or with one of our competitors products. We have developed a truly unique temperature sensitive Soft Sleeper visco elastic memory foam product line. Our Soft Sleeper products utilize next generation technology which provides you with a superior layer of comfort.

Soft Sleeper Memory Foam is a Super Soft visco-elastic memory foam cloud like layer which allows a body to be surrounded by comfort and provides support your body needs while it still conforms to the custom shape of your body. Our Soft Sleeper memory foam offers the optimal amount of comfort and support where the body needs it most. The specifically-designed visco-elastic memory foam construction helps to further relieve pressure points and disperse weight in the specific zones of your body. This helps improve your circulation and reduce tossing and turning throughout your sleep cycle.




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